Leadership meeting in Barcelona!


Dear partners!
The summer had already ended, but not hot days! But don’t forget about our big promotion: September 15th to 17th there will be a leadership meeting in Barcelona!
What will await us these 2 busy days?
- Introduction to the company's management;
- Visit the main office;
- News and secure information for Leaders;
- Training;
- Unforgettable vacation and fun in amazing Barcelona/
Terms of promotion:
turnover 25,000 USD  - expenditures for 1 person (at the expense of the company).
50,000 USD - for 2 people.
Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this unique event.You will be the one, who will get the most valuable information. It’s your chance to get acquainted and relax with interesting, like-minded people.

The promotion ends on September 6 at 00.00 MSK!
The cost of the trip for those who did not fulfill the conditions - 2000 euros.
All applications are accepted until September 8 inclusive!

P/S We wish you to manage fulfill the conditions and become one of our leaders who will travel to Barcelona very soon! See you in Spain!
Velarm - the future is now!

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