Leadership meeting of Velarm Partners. Barcelona. 15-17 September 2017. Official videoreport



Dear Partners and customers of Velarm!
We are very pleased to present to you a videoreport of an epic event that took place from 15-17 September 2017 in the beautiful city of Barcelona, where the main office of Velarm.
Let us recall that the Conference was attended by those partners who fulfilled the terms of promotion and went on this trip completely free of charge, at the expense of the company.
So, let's go back a little bit and remember what happened to the guests of the events in these two days?
• Visit to Corporate headquarters
• Top speaker training in business and psychology
• Sea dinner in the best restaurant in the city
• Velarm Party
• News from company management
• Announcement of new promotion
• Sight-seeing tour of Barcelona
And there are many bright events and emotions that we are sure each of the participants of the event will preserve in its memory and heart!
The Velarm company expresses its great gratitude to each partner who visited this event and held this memorable weekend with us!
P.S.: We also want to wish to our new partners and customers success and hope to see you in our next events!
Stay connected and watch the news! There's a lot of interesting things ahead.

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