Frequently Asked Questions for Future Investors

Frequently asked questions for future investors: more you know - better sleep;)



How can I invest for the company?

Velarm has a great variety of partnerships, which are flexible and depends on your personal desires: creating exchange, cryptocurrency, betting, sports forecast. The basic principle of our partnership is building long-termed trusted relations which will provide great incomes. Our aim - is to strive to increase our profit and to choose the best perspectives.


What is the minimum deposit?

You have to invest minimum 100 USD


What income does the company guarantee me?

There are no restrictions in terms of the amounts of partner earnings.You should be active taking part in the development of the company's products, because your profit depends on it.


I do not know how to start my investing activities, but i want have own passive income, how do I get started?

Registration on the site is a prerequisite for access to all products. The further stage is communication with experts of that branch which interesting for you.


Who has access to my personal data?

Information you give us is confidential. The company does not provide any data regarding accounts of its customers to third parties. Partners are sure in the confidentiality of their information. With the help of innovative developments Velarm protects user data inside the company and guarantees the non-distribution of any data related to the activities of customers.